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How to Uncapped or Unlimited Bandwidth Limit MyBro/PLDT/SMARTBRO

Written By Admin on Saturday, May 18, 2013 | 10:39 AM

Reset Account Bandwidth Limit without using more than one computer
1.)-Connect one computer to the router via lan cable
-Open the router's administration tool "" or ""(depended sa inyo router brand)

Sample : CD RKING Router - How to Setup CD R-king Router LO Series for Globe Wimax
-log in using your account or default router account .

2.)Open the internet Setup Tab
3.)locate "Dynamic ip(DHCP) Internet connection type
4.)Change the mac address clone section last column or number) kung wala mag lagay ka
pwede mo kunin yung mac ng PC mo at change yung dulo mac
5.) access this link ""(recommended po ang Firefox browser for faster responds)
6.)login to your account (service reference number/account number )na makikita sa inyo billing paper.
7.)wait po kayo ng 5min..para ma reconnect ulit sa internet.
8.)open po kayo ng cmd(type nyo po "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew")
9)done..enjoy your uncap bandwidth. (repeat again kong na abot nyo ulit ang 15gb limit.)
Note: Do this at your own risk! This tutorial is intended for educational purposes only do not use this for hacking or bypassing your network operators which is prohibited by the law.

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